Chemical probes for cellular processes

The 47th ESBOC meeting has been announced. The scope of the meeting will include the design and use of chemical probes to visualize and manipulate cellular processes.

17-19th May 2013

Chemical Probes for Cellular Processes

Chair: Prof. Kai Johnsson (EPFL, Lausanne).

Agreed Plenary Lecturers

Ben Cravatt (Scripps Research Institute)

Yasuteru Urano (University of Tokyo)

Hermen Overkleeft (Universiteit Leiden)

Carsten Schultz (EMBL, Heidelberg)

Rudolf Allemann (Cardiff University)

Jason Micklefield (University of Manchester)

Maja Köhn (EMBL, Heidelberg)

Ivan Correa (New England Biolabs)

Christian Heinis (EPFL Lausanne)

Christian Hackenberger, (Freie Universität Berlin)

Elena Dubikovskaya, (EPFL, Switzerland)

A full provisional programme is now available.