Chemical Synthetic Biology: Self-assembly, Encapsulation & Delivery

The 51st ESBOC Symposium will take place at Gregynog (nr. Newtown, Wales) on 19th-21st May 2017, starting at 3.00 pm on Friday 19th May.

The 51st meeting will have the theme of chemical synthetic biology. The Chair is Prof. Dek Woolfson (University of Bristol).

Confirmed plenary speakers include:

  • Don Hilvert (ETH Zürich)
    Supercharged protein containers
  • Roman Jerala (University of Ljubljana)
    Design of molecular origami structures and folding pathways
  • Andrew Turberfield (University of Oxford)
    Programming molecular systems with DNA
  • Alexander Kros (Leiden University)
    Membrane fusion as a tool for drug delivery
  • Paul Verkade (University of Bristol)
    Synthetic Biology meets Cell Biology
  • Martin Warren (University of Kent)
    Bacterial cell engineering – from membranes to protein scaffolds
  • Cheryl Kerfeld (Michigan State University & Lawrence Berkeley National Lab)
    Structural and functional insights for engineering bacterial microcompartments
  • Anna Peacock (University of Birmingham)
    Coiled coils as new ligands for lanthanide ions – exploring their use in MRI and beyond…

A full provisional programme is now available.