Titles and Chairs of Past Symposia

Symposia in previous years

1967 Chemistry and Biosynthesis of Antibiotics
1968 Biologically Active Nitrogen Heterocycles
1969 Chemistry and Biosynthesis of Terpenes and Steroids
1970 Peptides and Related Compounds
1971 Metal Complexes in Biological Systems
1972 Chemistry of Enzyme-mediated Processes
1973 Microbiological Chemistry
1974 Biological Systems and their Models
1975 Biosynthesis and Biotransformation
1976 Tenth Annual Meeting
1977 Chemistry of Communication and Defence Mechanisms
1978 Microbial Cell Walls and Membranes
1979 Stereospecificity in Chemistry and Biochemistry
1980 Conformational Studies of Bioactive Compounds
1981 Pigments of Life
1982 Bi-organic Chemistry of Plants
1983 Key enzymes: Targets for Drug Action
1984 Molecular Recognition
1985 Nucleosides and Nucleotides in Nature
1986 Dioxygen in Chemistry and Biology
1987 Chemistry and Biochemistry of Amino Acids
1988 Chemistry and Biochemistry of Carbohydrates
1989 Non-Covalent Interactions in Biology
1990 Biosynthetic Enzymes and their Inhibition
1991 Molecular Interactions for Biological Regulation
1992 Molecular Studies Related to Cell Proliferation
1993 Chemistry and Mechanisms of Cellular Signalling
1994 Radical Chemistry in Biological Processes
1995 Molecular Aspects of Infection and Immunity
1996 Chemistry and the Origin of Life
1997 Transition State in Biological Chemistry
1998 Plant Biochemistry and Biotechnology
1999 Biological Approaches to Synthesis
2000 Chemistry and Chemical Biology of Oligonucleotides
2001 Structure and Function of Membrane Embedded Proteins
2002 Chemical Biology of Cell Signalling and Localization
2003 The Evolution of Catalysis
2004 Protein-Protein and Protein-peptide Interactions
2005 Role and Control of Metals, Ions and Water in Biology
2006 Natural Products and their Cellular Targets
2007 Chemical Biology meets Drug Discovery
2008 Motor Proteins – New Therapeutic Targets
2009 Vitamins and Cofactors
2010 Highlights in Biological and Organic Chemistry
2011 The Chemistry and Function of Nucleic Acids
2012 Chemistry and Biology of Antibiotics
2013 Chemical Probes for Cellular Processes
2014 Biological Applications of Supramolecular Chemistry
2015 Design and Engineering of Novel Biocatalysts
2016 A Celebration of Biological and Organic Chemistry
2017 Chemical Synthetic Biology: Self-assembly, Encapsulation & Delivery
2018 Life and Death of Nucleic Acids
2019 Chemistry and Biology of Glycoconjugates
2021 New Frontiers in Chemistry & Biology
2022 The Chemical Biology of Molecules & Materials
2023 Chemical Biology in Europe


CH Hassall
CH Hassall
T Walker
GW Kenner
K Heusler
AR Battersby
WB Whalley
D Arigoni
Sir John Cornforth
AH Jackson
A Brossi
Sir James Baddiley
I Crombie
J Mathieu
AW Johnson
P Doyle
HCS Wood
P Potier
RF Newton
JE Baldwin
DHG Crout
A Vasella
DH Williams
DA Evans
CH Hassall
BT Golding
R Baker
A Marquet
BW Bycroft
D Arigoni
GM Blackburn
A Bacher
J Staunton
B Kräutler
J L Castro
H Waldmann
A Plückthun & D Hilvert
JA Robinson
K Müller
P Leadlay
D Rees & J Kihlberg
P Shoolingin-Jordan
T McDonald
R Allemann & H Hailes
S Balasubramanian
T Bugg
K Johnsson
JL Mascareñas
N Turner
C Abell
D Woolfson
T Carell
S Flitsch
S O’Connor
R Field
B Vauzeilles