New Frontiers in Chemistry & Biology

The 2021 ESBOC meeting will take place on-line over 20-21 May 2021.

The Chair is Prof. Sarah O’Connor (Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology) .

Confirmed plenary speakers include:

  • Ulrike Eggert (King’s College London)
    The roles of lipids in cell biology
  • Hajo Kries (Hans Knöll Institute)
    Biosynthetic design of nonribosomal peptides
  • Emily Flashman (University of Oxford)
    Thiol Dioxygenases: Oxygen Sensors in Plants and Humans
  • Christine Beemelmanns (Hans Knöll Institute)
    Structural Diversity and Functional Characterization of Bacterial Natural Products Inducing Morphogenesis in Marine Eukaryotes
  • Matthew Powner (UCL)
    Prebiotic peptide synthesis by nitrile ligation in water
  • Benjamin Lichman (University of York)
    Omics approaches for elucidating complex alkaloid biosynthesis
  • Nigel Richards (Cardiff University)
    C-C Bond Formation in C-Nucleoside Antibiotic Biosynthesis
  • Nicholas Turner (University of Manchester)
    Discovery & Synthetic Application of a New Redox Enzyme
  • Anne-Kathrin Duhme-Klair (University of York)
    Exploiting siderophores in the development of antimicrobials and artificial enzymes
  • Carmen Galan (University of Bristol)
    Ligands to modulate G-quadruplex DNA: A Journey from Sugars to Photoresponsive ligands
  • Evangelos Tatsis (SIPPE, Shanghai)
    The different evolution stories of clerodane diterpenoid metabolic pathway  in Lamiaceae
  • Barrie Wilkinson (John Innes Centre)
    Bifurcation drives the evolution of assembly-line biosynthesis
  • Florian Hollfelder (University of Cambridge)
    How Do We Find New Functional Proteins in Sequence Space?

A programme is available. The links for joining the on-line sessions will be sent to registered delegates shortly prior to the symposium.