Manchester pre-symposium meeting

There will be a pre-meeting in Manchester on Thu 19 May. Attendance is free of charge and there are no registration formalities to attend in-person. Register below to attend virtually. All talks will take place in the MIB lecture theatre, 131 Princess Street, Manchester, M1 7DN.

13:45Julea Butt     (UEA)Biomolecular Wires of Electric Bacteria: Themes and Variations
14:20Sarah Lovelock (MIB)‘Can Biocatalysis Solve the Therapeutic Oligonucleotide Manufacturing Challenge?’
14:55Ben Schumann (Imperial/Crick)‘Precision tools for cell-specific biorthogonal Tagging of glycoproteins’
15:50Sam Hay (MIB)‘The mechanism of coenzyme-dependent photocatalysis in enzymes: New insight from computational chemistry and ultrafast spectroscopy’
16:25Martina Delbianco       (MPI Potsdam)‘Synthetic carbohydrate-based materials’

Registration is now closed.